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Rhu Alred - Reflexologist
Rhu Alred Reflexologist

I graduated 4 years ago following training with the Northern School of Reflexology gaining a Diploma in Reflexology. This course is accredited by The Association of Reflexologists, a national organisation who work to help maintain a high standard of practice and patient care and to promote reflexology. As a member I am bound by the Association’s Codes of Practice and Ethics.

Since graduating I have given treatments to patients in their own homes and have worked from the therapy room at Upperthorpe Healthy Living Centre (now Zest). I have worked from The Lodge House since its opening in January 2006. What to expect from a reflexology session

On the first visit I will take a case history to determine your present and past health and lifestyle. After removing your shoes and socks you will be made comfortable in my reclining Lafuma Chair. Using my hands I will relax and then apply pressure to the feet. The application and effect of the therapy is unique to each person. Whilst working the feet I can detect subtle changes to specific points on the feet, and by working on these points may affect the corresponding organ or system of the body. This first visit will usually last one and a half hours. A course of treatments may be recommended depending on your body’s needs.

Follow on sessions will usually last one hour and are tailored to meet the patients individual needs. Mostly I will work on the feet but will use hand reflexology where appropriate.

Please feel free to contact me at Lodge House 0114 234 5459, if you have any questions about reflexology.

The Association of Reflexologists – www.aor.org.uk